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Spring Friedlander
Contractor-House Remodeler - teacher
Spring Friedlander Remodeling, I left my license lapse


OWA Steering Committee
Program Coordinator

GOAL: Since I am semi-retired, I am doing small hands-on construction projects and teaching/improving the productivity of home owners and the people they employ.

Seeking a position where I function in a socially-productive way, within a business, government, school, or non-profit organization. Hopefully this position will utilize my extensive experience as a Green House Remodeling Contractor, City Planner, Teacher and Activist. My ideal is to contribute to forging an intersection between social justice and ecology, which is called, “Awakening the Dream” using sustainable construction techniques.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Rough construction: foundations, electrical, decks, framing, termite repair, sound attenuation, insulation, shear walls, stairs, Finish construction: doors and windows, storage systems, sheet-rock, linoleum, siding, shingling. Administration: estimating, obtaining permits, change orders, billing, payroll, employee supervision, purchasing supplies, staging, trade seminars.

SPECIALTIES: Talent for working efficiently and cooperatively with a broad base of coworkers, clients, home owners, field supervisors, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, and green consultants. I enjoy working with people of varied cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds.


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