Newsletter | May/Jun 2011

Website Addition - Member Portfolio List
by Bill Hocker

Thank you all for your contributions to the OWA portfolios. We are now placing more emphasis on the member portfolios with a main menu link to a new page showing all of the members who have portfolios on the site. Now the full variety of members' work can be found in one place with a direct link to your full portfolio.

But we would really like even more of you to add your work. Your OWA portfolio is unlikely to replace your own website - but it will provide one more means of reaching your site. An OWA portfolio does allow those members without their own websites to display their work to the public .
The OWA website may also never replace facebook for those of you that want to bare your souls to the world (although you do have your own OWA journal available), but your OWA portfolio might be used to show to the world a small bait of that interest in design that brings you to join an organization of designers. And it does help us show the world that a very talented group of people belong to the OWA.

Though this is an organization of design professionals, the portfolio need not just represent professional output. In fact your interest in design may have little to do with the way you spend your working day. That "extraprofessional" design interest is also most welcome.

For those that find putting stuff up on the internet a process fraught with uncertainty (or find my method of creating the portfolio a bit too quirky), I will be happy to help. You can always email photos or text and I will assemble them into your portfolio. You can email me here.

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