Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2011

Annual Retreat at Westerbeke - Sustaining Places Slide Mosaic
by Christie Coffin

Many thanks to all who submitted images that enlivened and deepened the discussion at the annual OWA Retreat. Participants submitted a very wide variety of images: Built , proposed and student work included buildings, landscapes, urban design, textures and materials, and just plain handsome places that sustain us on many levels including their durability.

Participants included: Alfa Freysdottir, Alicia Rosenthal, Amy Alper, Ann Wright, Betty Wu, Cameron White, Clare Axley, Deborah Klein, Eliza Hart, Jacqueline Morgan, Joanne Chow Winship, Judith Wasserman, Lamona Wood, Mui Ho, T. Rachel Slonicki, Sally Swanson, Sima Laleh, Susan Aitkin, Veronica Martin, Zahra Ghanimi, Danielle Campbell.


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