Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2011

From Iceland to the OWA Retreat at Westerbeke
by Alfa Freysdottir

I want to start with thanking all the ladies that participated in this year's retreat. I really enjoyed my long weekend at the Westerbeke ranch.

As a student, I very much enjoyed seeing how strong of a network your organization is. You put an effort to help and support each other, for example those who were unfortunate to lose their jobs in the financial hardship, you share experience and give advices.

It was also heartwarming to see many year old friendships that have come about because of OWA. I found it also comforting to see that the design industry is not just a "dog eat dog" world where each person fights on its own, but rather a network where you help each other out. It is really a nice feeling to know that there is a strong network of experienced women willing to help you out in your first steps in the design world. It was comforting to listen to stories of success of OWA women.

I didnīt really know what to expect from this weekend but I can truthfully say that I was very surprised by the welcoming of everybody and I found the time I spent there both informative, relaxing and it was a lot of fun to get to know everybody and learn from their experience.

I look forward getting to know OWA women more in the future.

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