Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2015

Lutah Marie Riggs Film
by Wendy Bertrand

Please note that on Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 from 10-12:30am we will screen the film about Lutah Marie Riggs Film (2014) and have some discussion.

Architect Lutah Marie Riggs, (1896-1984), was educated at UC Berkeley and practiced in Santa Barbara. This is an award winning 65 minute film called "A Passion for Architecture: A Life of Design" by the Lutah Marie Riggs Society

Mui Ho and the late OWA member Nancy Florence visited Ms. Riggs in 1982. Mui will start the discussion that will continue into our concerns about architecture today.

Location: 1605 Arch Street Berkeley off Cedar Street.

Fresh fruit, scones and morning buns from the Cheese Board will be available with coffee or tea.

RSVP Wendy Bertrand

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