Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2016

Annual Business Meeting
by Cynthia Bathgate

The Steering Committee would like to thank everyone who attended this year's business meeting. The major topics of this year's meeting were electing new Steering Committee members, approving next year's budget, a proposal from Jean Nilsson for the OWA+DP 50th Anniversary Book, and reports from each Steering Committee member regarding their work for the organization this year.

We are excited to welcome new members to the Steering Committee: Conyee Chan, Hannah Chatham, Spring Friedlander, and Helen Vasquez.

Thank you to the following members who will be ending their Steering Committee terms this year. We are grateful for all the hard work they have put into the organization: Sharon Chio, Naomi Horowitz, and Gloria Kim.

One fun thing that we incorporated into this year's meeting was asking attendees for feedback on what they would like to see in OWA+DP programs next year. Topics compiled from the retreat questionnaires were written on a white board, where each member could mark one item from each of the following categories: building tours, lecture topics, and skill development. Most interest was concentrated in women specific programs, like touring projects designed by/designed for women, and talking openly about your success as a woman in the profession.

One of the major changes to the budget this year was increasing the amount for the scholarship category. We are hoping that committing more funds will help motivate an effort to organize a scholarship fund that will help more women through their architectural studies. This will align with our mission for the outreach and support of women in all phases of their professional lives. We are also allotting funds in our special projects category for the OWA+DP 50th Anniversary Book, which Jean Nilsson will begin to organize this year. We have also adjusted the budget to help aid our archivist Wendy Bertrand to digitize our past newsletters to upload to the website.

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