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room avail in san francisco

Shannon Devine - Aug 4, 2020 8:43PM

Hi Everyone,
Do you have a car and really want to live and work in San Francisco? My established home is in a quiet neighborhood with ample parking. It is a single family home with gardens. It is ideal for a quiet person who can comfortably fit their world in one room. The person I was going to have stay had to cancel due to corona virus. It was a returning guest so I think people like staying here. I do have house rules like no sleepovers. My goal is vibing sanctuary.
I work at home in Architecture and I understand if you need to work at home too. We would discuss more on that. My adult daughter is temporarily here due to corona virus and she works outside the home. She is a working artist. We are sort of an artsy home.
The home is comfortable, and pleasing. It functions well and we are mellow.
I am happy to talk more and meet anyone interested. Please email me at devinedraft@pacbell.net to get a chat going.
Thanks, Shannon Devine

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