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Newsletter | May/Jun 1973

Volume 1:3
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In this issue:
MAY - Mui Ho editor
Election, Planning, Affirmative action, and AIA Convention - (Archived here by Wendy Bertrand, January 2012)
JUNE - Mui Ho editor
Election of Steering Committee - Report of May Meeting


by Mui Ho editor    |    Share #564

First OWA Election at this meeting in Berkeley

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Meeting : Thursday 3 May 1973
Time: 7 :30 PM
6:30 social hour
Place:1605 Arch St., Berkeley

Election, Planning, Affirmative action, and AIA Convention

by (Archived here by Wendy Bertrand, January 2012)    |    Share #550


1. Election of Steering Committee
2. Planning of additional meeting for women interested in discussing their role as women in architectural offices--- Lucia Bogatay
3. Affirmative action -- Wendy Bertrand
4. Report on A.I.A. Convention ---Mary Laleyan

There is a need for further organization and election of a Steering Committee to take care of our day-to-day business more efficiently, so that in the future, meetings can be devoted to various interesting topics.
The Steering Committee will consist of FIVE coordinators of equal importance but different responsibilities.

  • Coordinator of education

  • Coordinator of public relations, and coordination with other groups

  • Coordinator of employment and related problems

  • Coordinator of finance and allocation of fund

  • Coordinator of newsletter and announcements

    We urge you to come to this very important meeting, ready to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else as candidates

    If need ride from S.F. contact 441-3547
    Danica Truchlikova 981-1555

  • JUNE

    by Mui Ho editor    |    Share #566

    Affirmative action, AIA Convention, By-laws, Steering committee

    by Mui Ho    |    Share #552

    Monday June 4, 1973
    7:30 PM, 6:30 PM social hour
    Place: 1681 Arrowhead, Oakland
    Home of Pat Schilling

    1. Affirmative action -Wendy Bertrand
    2. Report on A.I.A convention - Ann Bjik, Anne O'neill, Mary Laleyan
    3. Volunteer on By-law committee - Rosie Muller
    4. Agenda on coming meetings - Steering committee

    Election of Steering Committee

    by Report of May Meeting    |    Share #567

    The meeting was devoted to the election of a steering committee. For the past six months, the organization has been run by a fluctuating number of people without defined responsibilities and there were some problems of communication. We decided that we needed more structure in our organization. All the members recognized the need of a central committee, and showed a lot of enthusiasm by volunteering to be nominateed. Five persons were elected to the Steering Committee, each with an alternate. The alternate to each coordinator will either work
    closely with the coordinator or be in charge of a separate task.


    Public relations-Bobbie Sue Hood, Ann King (alt)

    Education-Mary Laleyan, Susan Henke (alt)

    Employment-Lucia Bogatay, Ilene Rosenfeld (alt)

    Finance- Rosie Muller, Wendy Bertrand (alt)

    Newsletter-Mui Ho, Kathy Simon (alt)

    (Newsletter archived by Wendy Bertrand, January 2012)

    Steering Committee elected

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    Finances for A.I.A. convention booth

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    We spent $500 for our very successful booth at the A.I.A. convention. So far we have had donations for the booth from 35 women.making a total of $300. Donations have ranged from $5.00 to $25.00. Checks payable to the Organization of Woman Architects can be mailed to Rosie Muller 2831 Garber Street, Berkeley, Ca. 94705. I hope that we can raise the additional $200.00 before it's time to pay the bill.

    Communication and Public Relations (PR)

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    Our booth for the AIA Convention was a true communications bargain. For a relatively minor outlay of $5OO. we netted some 162 square inches of coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 8, 1973. Cost of this space purchased directly would have been $42.70 per square inch or $6,917.40.

    The booth became the focus for establishing contacts with women architects around the country. .Among others, we met Anne Halpin, who introduced the women's rights proposal at the convention; Susanne Stephens, an Associate Editor of the Architectural Forum-, Faye DeAvignon, Pyesident of -the Association of Student Chapters of the AXA; and Jean Young, one of the two American Vice-Presidents of the Union Internationale des Femmes. Architectes. Thus, we are beginning to develop a network which will enable us to deal with common projects nationally. One of these, which was suggested by the New York group of woman architects and which Susanne is supporting enthusiastically is a major exhibit of work by women architects. A selection jury would ferret out the best work for recognition and exhibition.

    On the home front, Ruth Friedlander, representing a group of woman planners in the Bay Area, wants to schedule a joint meeting. We hope to schedule the meting in the fall. Proposed program: study of the architectural and planning input into a major San Francisco urban development such as the Embarcadero Center or the Yerba Buena Center, with a prior tour of the site If possible. Your suggestions and input will be needed when the date Is set.

    San Francsico Chronicle article May 8, 1973

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    Note on Employment

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    At the next meeting we will have a Fact Sheet for those who are interested. IN the mean time, write or call your employment coordinators :
    Ilana Rosenfeld---548-4124 East Day
    Lucia Bogatay------863-82SS S.F.
    1. you are looking for a job
    2. you wed a fact sheet
    3. you know of a job opening
    4. you have board of a rumour of a job opening
    5. you have had some "interesting experience while job hunting, either
    positive or negative. We want to start a file or begin to identity offices which are discriminating as well as those favorable.
    6. you have found a job.

    It is imperative for you to follow up by sending your resume after calling an office. Also do not forget to fill a form when signing up for employment at the A.I.A.

    Search for lawyer for tax exempt status

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    In order to apply for tax exempt status as a non-profit or professional organization, we need a lawyer. If anyone knows a lawyer who Is familiar with this problem and is willing to donate her or his services for a minimal fee, please give the information to Rosie Muller.

    We encourage you to contact us with your suggestions & informations

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    We encourage everyone to voice herself either in our meetings or by contacting one,of the coordinators. Please do not shy away by thinking that what is on your mind is not Important. Any suggestion can only be helpful to the group.

    Bobbie Sue Hood 771-7770

    Mary Laleyan 392-5393

    Lucia Bogatay 163-92SS

    Rosie Muller 849-2940

    Mui Ho 841-4458

    (Newsletter archived by Wendy Bertrand, January 2012)
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