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Newsletter | Jul/Aug 1973

Volume 1:4
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In this issue:
Job Information - Lucia Bogatay
Communications: TV - Man Mun Lui brings info to our attention
Money, Dues, etc - Rosie Muller

JULY (scanned)

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Paffard Clay to speak on The Nature of Materials

by Mui Ho    |    Share #642

A.I.A. Conference Room (6th floor)
254 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA

6:30 Social Hour
Review of the proposed educational program
7,30 More thoughts about the Convention and the meeting
of the women AIA members. Ann O'Neil, Mary Laleyan et al.
8:00 "The Nature of Materials" - Paffard Keating Clay,
architect, guest speaker

** Selection of the winning entry in the competition for the OWA letterhead.

Paffard Clay: a brief biography

British born Paffard Keating Clay (1026) attended the Architectural Association In London and the Eidgenoessischo Tochnische Hoehachule in Zurich and from there went to an apprenticeship with Le Corbusier. ln 1949 he came to the United States and worked with Frank Lloyd Wright'," and later in the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

Of his experience with the two great architects he says: "I never stopped learning from Le Corbusier. I stopped learning from Wright the moment I left his radiant presence ." In 1963 Paffard Clay established his own practice in San Francisco. From 1966 to 1968 he was also lecturer in the College of Environmental Design U.C. Berkeley. Among the projects he has designed are his own prestressed concrete house on Mt. Tamalpais; The San Francisco Art Institute, which we all know; The French Medical Center in San Francisco and the Student Union. San Francisco State University. which is under construction.

Paffard Keating Clay Is one of the very few fearless architects of today who practices what he believes. He is a philosopher, a writer and a poet. and a delightful speaker. Of the OWA he says he likes our positive mood which he does not find amcng the architects in general. The subject "The Nature of Materials" was his own choice and the lecture promises to be very interesting

Design Competition

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Attention frustrated designers! As a proper professional organization, we need a letterhead which can he used for official communications and for the newsletters. It. should be reproducible, in black and white, and have an 81/2 X11" format. It may contain our name, Organization of Women Architects, and may Include a logo of some sort. If you so choose. An enevelope design may also be inclucded.

Bring your design to our next meeting (Monday. July 9th). During the social hour we will democratically jury your entries and choose a design to be used as stationary and newsletter format.
First prize will be an adjustable triangle.
Second prize will be an honorable mention to out next newsletter.

Job Information

by Lucia Bogatay    |    Share #644

Lucia Bogatay, Coordinator for . Employment San Francisco (home) ' 863-8253
Ilan& Rosenfeld. Alternate Coordinator' for Berkeley (home) 548-4124

We now have information sheets for job seekers containing addresses of placement offices. government.agencies & personnel Offices, etc. To this we must add;
Marie Davis
450 Golden Gate
Suite 19517

This office appears to be the only one which actively helps implement the Federal Affirmative Action legislation. It offers Counseling to minority appli--cants as well as employers who are trying to meet A.A. requirements. Ms. Davis and her colleagues help applicants with forms, arrange interviews with potential employers, and follow up on the results of interviews to be sure that applicants are fairly treated. They are increasingly busy, and are definately worth talking to if you are looking for a job.

Job Opportunities

1. Seena, Kemp & Kemp design Partnership
2110 Vine st, Berkeley, California
Ron Senna 549-0742

Opening for woman with degree in architecture who will spend 50% of time on secretarial & administration (contracts, billing. etc.) & 50% in design. drafting and generally learning about small office practice. There are only 3 people in office, all principals. maybe good? $3.50 -4.00/hr.

2. Jerson-Overstreet
57 Post Street
San Francisco, Ca. 969-3830

Opening(s) for job captain an c6nc. frame or wood frame construction.for late summer or fall.

Welton Becket, and Associates (Bad?)
Suits 300, jCrocker Plaza, San Francisco 397-4141

Communications: TV

by Man Mun Lui brings info to our attention    |    Share #645

Suppose someone were to offer you a half an hour of prime TV time on a station with an estimated audience of 40,000 persons? What would you show, say, do? Thanks to Richard M. Nixon, who felt that the silent majority was not adequately represented by commercial television. public television must by Iaw, make available & studio and a percentage of Its viewing ties to groups and Individuals who wish to televise programs of Interest to the public. to the Bay Area, this legal requlrement has been translated by KQED-TV (Channel 9) into four hour-long time slots per week. to be called "Open Studio" (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, free 6 to 7pm).

Now at last the opportunity has come for Bay Area environmentalists to break out of the inherent limitation of 35 mm at a price they can afford. So. detailed requIrements for the program will be available at the coming OWA meeting from Bobble Sue Hood. In the interim, you might consider whether an OWA TV program would be worthwhile, what It should be, how the effort should be organized. and what would be a convenient schedule for the production. You may also want to check what other community groups are broadcasting on KQED. The first "Open Studio was held on June 18.

Educational Program: a Proposal

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Until Now, our activities in the area of education and professional up-grading have mostly centered on preparation for the architectural licensing exams. presentation of the work of women architects, dissemination of information on available seminars and lectures, and so on. These activities have been very successful and we intend to continue with them for the rest of the year. In addition there are a number of other Interesting things we could do.

1. Guest speakersTo Invite prominent or Interesting architects to speak at our mettings on subjects of general Interest to the profession. Paffard Clay is going to be our first speaker. Your suggestions are requested. welcomed, solicited, etc. about whom else to invite.

2. Seminars A seminar coosistial of 4-5 lectures, once a week in September. Possible subject matter might be topics such as Specifications, Contract Administration and Construction Supervision. Films or other educational media might accompany such a seminar. Again, please let us know your opinion on topics that you would find valuable

3. Field trips Paffard Clay has agreed to take us on a field trip to the Student Union building at San Francisco State College. If the trip is a success. we could try to organlze other similar trips. If your office has work under construction which you think might be of interest to visit. let us know.

4. Landmarks I
In March this year the Northern California Chapter of the A.I.A. organized a community awareness tour of San Francisco, covering the area east of Kearny Street and north of Market. It was terrific. The Organization of Women In Construction expressed their regret that by the time they had heard about the tour. the quota was filled. They appealed to Mary Laleyan to organize through the OWA a similar tour since three of our members were A.I.A. tour leaders.

Money, Dues, etc

by Rosie Muller    |    Share #649

At our last meeting. we voted that membership dues for the rest of the year would be $15.00. So far twenty members have paid their dues (no pun Intended).

Combined with donations totaling $70.00 we have enough money In our account to pay off our debt for the A.I.A. Convention, but not enough to keep publishing the newsletter for the rest of the year. Hopefully at least ten more people wili become dues paying members so that we will have money for the rest of the year.

Even with that, our financial situation will be extremely tight.

Please if you haven't paid your $15.00 dues, bring a check payable to the Organization of Women Architects to our next meeting. or mail it to:
Rosle Muller 2831 Garber Street Berkeley. California 94705. If vou with to become a member but the $15.00 dues represents a real financial hardship, please let (Rosle) know and we will try to work something out.

Affirmative Action

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At our lost meting Wendy Bertrand brought up the possibility of our participation in the Engineering Society Committee for Manpower (! woman power) Training which subsidizes minority job training and job placement. We voted to spend $25.O0 dues to assure us a seat on this Important affirmative action board. Hopefully we will have some positive Impact with respect to enrolling women in this program, to placing women In the field, and in making our voices heard as women professionals.

The NCARB Exam

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As presently organized. the NCARB Equivalency Examination and the Professional Examination will each be given once annually. This procedure may mean licensing delays of literally years. You are urged to write the California State board of Architectural Examiners, protesting this
schedule and requesting that each exam be given twice yearly. It Is felt that only under this type of pressure will the biannual exams be reinstated.

California State Board of Architectural Examiners
1021 0 Street - Room A-510 Sacramento. CA 95614

The Steering Comittee

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Bobble Sue Hood 771-7770
Ann King. alternate 771-2681

Mary Laleyan 392-3398
Susan Henke, alternate 398-5191

Lucia Bogatay 863-8253
Ilana Rosenfeld, alternate 548-4124

Rosie Muller 549-1940
Wendy Bertrand, alternate 526-5397

Mui Ho 541-4438
Cathy Simon. alternate 626-2641

(Newsletter archived by Wendy Bertrand, January 2012)


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August 9, Meeting Agenda

by Mui Ho    |    Share #651

Location: 2131 Garber Street, Berkeley, Ca
Home of Rosie Muller

6:30 Social Hour* **

7:00 Meeting
1. Old Business
2. San Francisco Women's Directory
3. Discussion of Proposed By-laws

Panel Discussion: Comparative Professional Attitudes and Experiences
Guests: Myra Brocchini, Jane Duncombe, Susan Bragstad

* wine, sandwich-makings and fruit will be available for a nominal cost
** selection of the winning entry in the OWA Letterhead competition

Myra Brocchini--worked with Campbell and Wong for eight years, and.since for her husband of Wong & Brocchini. Alumna of Cal., Berkeley.

Jane Duncombe--studied architecture at University of Illinois (Chicago) and Chicago Art Institute. Spent one year at Taliesin. Had own practice in Mill Valley for ten years. then formed Duncombe Roland & Miller, architects in Santa Rosa. Left there last year for own practice in Sausalito.

Susan Bragstad--first art degree from Texas College, then architecture from Cal. Worked as Designer at Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons for three years (Mill Valley Library and Ghirardelli Square). Now with San Francisco Redevelopment Authority, teaching at Cal., and own practice on the side.

Design Competition

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On account of last month's short notice and the consequent small response, we decided to put off the OWA letterhead desiqn competition until this month's meeting. Therefore, to reiterate:

As a proper and respectable professional organization, we need a letterhead which can be used for official communications and the newsletter. It should be reproducible, in black and white, and have an 8 1/2 x 11" format. It must contain our name, Organization of Women Architects, and may include a logo of some sort if you so desire. An envelope design should also be included.
Bring your design to our next meting (Thursday Auqust 9). During the social hour we will all judge the entries and select a design to use as stationary and newsletter format.
First prize will be a brand new adjustable triangle without a bevelled edge (great for inking and other tasks). Second prize will be a testimonial notice in our next newsletter.

Steering Committee

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Bobble Sue Hood 771-7770
Ann King. alternate 771-2681

Mary Laleyan 392-3398
Susan Henke, alternate 398-5191

Lucia Bogatay 863-8253
Ilana Rosenfeld, alternate 548-4124

Rosie Muller 549-1940
Wendy Bertrand, alternate 526-5397

Mui Ho 541-4438
Cathy Simon. alternate 626-2641

(Newsletter archived by Wendy Bertrand, January 2012)
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