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Newsletter | May/Jun 1974

Volume 2:3
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In this issue:
MAY - Suzan Swabacker?


by Suzan Swabacker?    |    Share #822

Agenda for May 20, 1974 Meeting

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Ann Diaz's House at 139 20th Avenue, San Francisco

West Coast Women's Design Conference

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6:30-7:15 Dinner and Socializing ($1.00 for supper $.50 Wine)
7:15-8:15 Panel (listed below)
8:15-8:45 Open Discussion
8:45-9:15 Nominations for Steering Committee
9:15 Announcements and Business

1974 has seen the "beginning" awareness of women design professionals all over the country. Already two large women's conferences have been held: in Saint Louis and in Eugene, Oregon.
A dynamic number of speakers ahve agreed to share their experiences with us. They will also discuss various workshops and speakers they were involved with at th conferences.
The panelists:

-Bobbie Sue Hood (St. Louis
conference) Western Feminism
-Corrine Kutsenkow (St.Louis)"Let's Talk About Architecture"
-Christie Coffin (Eugene Conf) & Sheila DeBrettville-*Feminism and Design'"
-Lian Hurst (Eugene) & Joan Sprague 'Open Design Office' and
"Women in Construction'"
-Nancy Bennett (Eugene) "Practicing Women Arch. and "Subtle Sexism"
-Ruth Friedlander (Eugene) "Professional Organizations Theirs and Ours?"
- Mary Laleyan (Eugene & St Louis) "A Comparison"

After their talks, an open discussion will follow.

The Steering Cmmittee discussed, and is proposing to the general membership a 2-month trial period of breaking into 3 chapters for the July and August meetings. In September we would meet as a whole group to evaluate and discuss the lacks or successes of this arrangement. A permanent situation will then be made. The 3 groups would be divided up geographically: San Francisco, East Bay, and the Peninsula. Currently the Peninsula has only 2 members Pat Noda and Nancy Bennett They would undertake the task of expanding their group by reaching women in the design field who cannot
or will not join the OWA because of the long distances to meetings.
Promoting smaller groups within OWA might accomplish the following:
1. persons with smaller residences could have meetings there
2. the type and scope of discussions
3. discussion of issues could be carried on by everybody
4. local group might/could participate in local events or politics
5. travel distance to meetings would be shorter
6. women in related fields might be encouraged to got involved

If this arrangement is done on a permanent basis the following ideas
would be incorporate-Meetings to be on non-conflicting nights to allow attendance at more than one group if desired
-joint meetings to occur 3 or 4 time annually (responsibility to rotate among the three groups)
-OWA Newsletter to include dews from all 3 groups
-Each Chapter to have at least one Steering Committee Representative. The offices might be
-twelve (12) month term
-president. and vice pres. to be responsible for conducting the elections twice a year.
-treasure might be the regular finance member of steering committee with alternate serving as assistant for 12 months to this office committee members to act as liasons

Bring Your Comments and Ideas

Committee Coordinators

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PUBLICITY: Marian Haviland 668-1034
Gwen Wright 548-6572

EDUCATION: Christie coffin 843-5497
Janice Birkeland 849-0288

EMPLOYMENT: Ilana Rosenfeld
Linda Murphy 845-8213

MONEY: Wendy Bertrand 655-4080
Pat Noda 854-2482

INFORMATION: Corinne Moor Spingarn 658-4403
Dolores Malloy 658-5010

LIBRARIAN: Yung Ling Chen 843 2263

ARCHIVIST from original to website August 2012 Wendy Bertrand

Job Openings

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1. Check the Northern California Chapter AIA at 254 Sutter Street, San Francisco, there were quite a few listings as of Monday May 6.

2. East Bay Regional Park District (Redwood Regional Park is hiring now) 11500 Skyline Blvd. Oakland. Ca. Attention Myra Berrer, or Laurie Funaro
a. Grounds Keeper. Misc gardening and construction and clean up - a range from janitorial to landscape. Also fire fighting.
b. Summer Jobs ( over 20) Park Aids (2 positions)

3. Continental Services, Inc. 5th and Folsom Streets. SF CA.
Architects ( 2 positions) Experience required 2plus years degree from college (Arch), design branch for Bank of America, Salary: $10.000/ year fringe health and vacation benefits, etc.

4.Senior Professional Urban Designer with Rockrise, Odermatt, Mountjoy. Amis

Still more to come

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