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This is the original graphic done by Carlos Villalva, probably around 1985, done as a poster for the OWA. The portico is a copy of a drawing by Julia Morgan.

A cleaned up version of the portico was made in the late 1980's and used on stationary and printed newsletters up through the present.


A slicker version of the logo was created for the website which was launched in 2002.

Photoshop layered document of this logo: http://owa-usa.org/docs/OWAMedLogo.psd.

Photoshop layered document of this logo: http://owa-usa.org/docs/logo(master).psd

Photoshop layered document of this logo: https://owa-usa.org/docs/name(master).psd

This is the wide field version. Photoshop layered document of this version: https://owa-usa.org/docs/OWAMedLogoHor.psd


40th Anniversary Email Signature

40th Anniversary Logo designed to incorporate the ribbon theme used in the 40h Anniversery Videos.

2017 Logo Competition

In 2017 the OWA promoted a competition for the redesign of the OWA logo. A sample entry form for the submission of designs was prepared but was superceded by a more simple call for entries in the OWA newsletter.

Three entries were submitted:

Conyee Chan:

Rebecca Freiberg:

Nayive Kalkack:


The Steering Committee took no action on the 2017 logo competition.
The webmaster made some adjustments to the existing graphics and incorporated the "+DP" into the design as an interum measure.

And the Name Block

And the portico that goes with it

2020 Elevant Design Logo Proposal

In 2020 the Steering Committee once again undertook a redisign of the logo, this time contracting with the design firm Elevant Design.

The PDF of their presentation is here

Steering Committee Comments on the Presentation are here.


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