Arch Daily Infographic: Women in Architecture

OWA Admin - May 14, 2012 6:02PM

Member Kersten Fischer sends us this link (via HuffPost) to an Arch Daily Infographic showing a statistical breakdown and historical timeline of Women in Architecture.

If the article is no longer available we have archived a copy of the graphic here.


Wendy Bertrand - May 14, 2012 6:02PM

“Hey Kerstin, Thanks for sending in to the OWA forum this appropriate info. Note this is taken from a UK on line publication The Architects' Journal.

I just ran across an old AIA statistic for women architects in the United States in 1991 where they wrote that women architects were making 72 cents to a man architect's $1.00 /hour. That only 48% of the participants in the Architects' Journal Survey said they would get paid more if they were male is amazingly sad. Are 52% of women architects unaware that male architects earn more, but also that men overall make more on average in all fields in the US, (77cents /hour for women and $1.00/hour for men). Some scholars are getting on top of this and figuring out how much difference this can make in the length of a career, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yikes!!

Another interesting thing about the UK survey results was the new balance question applied to Hadid. If that measure started to be applied to male architects too, we might see a change in the way architecture is practiced.”

There is a seven-page article about this survey on 16 January 2012 By Richard Waite, and Ann-Marie Corvin at the

The Architects' Journal also gave awards to women architects presented in another issue.

Women's situation in the profession is still a hot topic, Yasmin Shariff commented with " Most architects (male and female) do not want to admit there is a problem and you can't fix something if you pretend it doesn't exist. Architects see themselves as egalitarian but clearly the facts do not support this supposition. There is lots that can be done - other professions are doing a lot better"

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