Excellent Lecture you won't see anywhere else

Wendy Bertrand - Feb 9, 2015 9:38AM

The Evolution of African American Architect (and there are women)
Feb 24 7-8:30 in San Francisco by The San Franicscio Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects
see link for Eventbrite tickets

SFNOMA's Diversity Lens: Architecture Identity and Practice Lecture Series
presents a lecture by SFNOMA President, Shelley Davis. In commemoration of Black History Month the lecture celebrates the African American builders and architects who have contributed their talent and skill to the buildings we live, work, learn and play in over the last 150 years.

SFNOMA President Shelley Davis weaves an inspiring and thought provoking story of pioneering black architects who through sheer determination and persistence, overcame racism and gradually created a new perspective for following generations.

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