BASE Landscape Architecture is looking for another small business to share our office space

Patricia Algara - Jun 6, 2018 3:12PM

We imagine that another small business (2-4 people) in the design/creative field would be a good match. Graphic Design, Architecture, Photography/Media, Communications, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Product Design are all likely good matches.

Our small practice is hardworking, kind, friendly, and ambitious.

Description of the Overall Space to be Shared:

-Light-filled +/-1450 sqft
-Second floor with private entry
-Views of Twin Peaks
-Huge Industrial windows with Shades
-Shared Meeting Area
-Shared Printer Room
-Shared Storage Area
-Shared Materials Library Area
-Shared Pinup Space
-Located at Potrero & 17th
-Space available: up to 4 desks plus use of the shared office space and storage spaces
-Sublease terms: 1 year min.
-Cost: Variable depending on how much space you need, but somewhere in the $2k range for two very generous desk areas and overall use of space/meeting area.

If you are interested, please write an email with "Sublease" in the subject.
Please include the following info:

-Your business name, website, and your preferred contact info
-A little bit about what you are looking for in a new space in terms of overall feel & culture
-When you are looking to move
-Your anticipated needs in terms of square footage and desks
-What sort of things you can contribute to making this new space a joint endeavor
-A brief description of your current office location and why you're looking to move

Many thanks!

If interested, please email to patricia(at)

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