OWA+DP Bulletin April 25th 2023

Charlayne A. Sakamoto - Apr 25, 2023 8:35PM

Hi OWA+DP Members!

Thank you to everyone that attended our 50th Anniversary Symposium it was truly great to reconnect with everyone! A couple of announcements for May, there will be a Mentoring Event on May 9th, you will have the chance to meet/speak with 5 different design disciplines. Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and UXIX.

We have also added a link to purchase tickets to our 50th Anniversary Garden Party. Purchase them before May 31st for an early bird discount.

Here are this week's upcoming events. To learn more, visit owa-usa.org.

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UpComing Events
May 9 Mentoring with Architects, Interior Designer, UXIX & Landscape Architect
May 23 The Art of Acoustics with Salter Associates

50th Anniversary Events
April 22 Symposium
June 25th 50th Anniversary Garden Party
July Copenhagen Trip
September 22-24 50th Anniversary Retreat

Have a wonderful week and we hope to see you soon!


Garden Party

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