Proposal for Women+Architecture Book Circle

Wendy Bertrand - Oct 27, 2010 11:17AM

Proposal for OWA/Design Professionals at next business meeting, October 19, 2010

First Book Circle
Facilitator: Wendy Bertrand in San Francisco
2011 budget request: $1500

INTENT: OWA members read and discuss three books linking women & architecture and share the books with local libraries. (I have a list of 50 books such books published since 1971 to choose from.)

CONCEPT: Small groups (minimum 5, maximum 7 OWA members and 1 potential member) to meet three times a year: January, March, and November to read and discuss books about both women and architecture (the profession, the built world, the history, the education, the theory, and the cultural impact).

OWA’s Book Circles will donate all books to local libraries at the end of the year and publish the book titles and names of libraries receiving them in the San Francisco Chronicle with a short narrative about OWA’s objectives and website.

Propose idea to SC July 13 meeting and request it be part of August/September OWA Newsletter and I will place in OWA website forum.
This request asks SC to include this proposal and make budget allowance for annual business meeting agenda for membership to vote in October 2010.
I will present this proposal and answer questions at annual meeting or before.
If approved, I will buy first round of books for January 2011 meeting
Have bookplates made that say: This book is donated by the Organization of Women Architects/Design Professional with website address.
Have room to hand write: the Library’s name, the date and the OWA member’s name presenting the book to neighborhood library of their choice.
First Circle event: January 20, 2011 in San Francisco at Facilitator’s home
Distribute books, decide on March book, agree on bookplate design and decide on operating format of group, others interested in starting circles may attend as guests. Light refreshments

Two evening hours (exact time to be decided by facilitator after talking with those wanting to be a part of Book Circle)
Summarize results for OWA Feb Newsletter
March Second Circle event: March 17
Discuss book, summarize Circle event for OWA April Newsletter
Decide on next book and on 2012 budget request

Third Circle event on November 10 or 17 depending on groups wishes Discuss book, summarize Circle event for OWA February 2011 Newsletter. Decide on Libraries to deliver books to, write article for SF Chronicle about project. Self-evaluate year of Book Circle events

Please contact Wendy via if you are interested


Hourig Ayanyan McCray - Nov 2, 2010 10:17PM

Hello Wendy,

It was a pleasure meeting you last week at the OWA general meeting. I hope OWA decides to fund this book circle. If so please let me know. I would be very interested in taking part of this book circle. This would be a great venue to discuss these relevant books to our profession as well as ignite a dialogue with what's going on in our profession presently.


Hourig Ayanyan

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