Newsletter | Mar/Apr 1973

Fani Hansen: her work at Anshen & Allen, Architects

by Mary Lelayen
Dear Friends, our next
MEETING: April 5 at 6;30 in the conference room
Coffee and refreshments
461 Bush Street 4th floor

Address Reply to: Mary Laleyan, AIA 391-7100 Ext. 41
726 Bush Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94108

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1. Fani Danadjieva Hansen, AIA, will talk about her work and
will. show slides and a movie of projects she has designed. The
presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.

2. Report on the activities of the AIA Convention Task Force -
Sandy Schopman

3. Progress report on the bylaws sections of "Membership" and "Dues'
Mary Laleyan

If time permits Wendy Bertrand and I will prepare a short resume of the birth and activities of the OWA to date and a proposed program for the rest of the year and we will distribute them at the meeting.

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