Newsletter | Nov/Dec 1973

Agenda for November 19, 1973 meeting

by Cathy Simon
Social hour with buffet supper
$ .50 for wine
$1.00 for wine and supper

Appointment or election of a student representative for the College of Envlronmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley. The student rep may become a member of the new steering committee to be elected in January.

The Building of Gund Hall
--a film documentary of the actual construction of a contemporary landmark. George Gund Hall is the home of the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. It was designed by alumnus John Andrews of Toronto, who became widely known in the 1960's for his megastructure near that city, Scarborough College.

The film was made for the Graduate School of Design by Len Gittleman who teaches at the Visual Arts Center at Harvard and produces educational films. Using time-lapse photography, he has condensed construction days from 24 hours to 12 seconds so that the building will miraculously unfold before your very eyes. The action follows the entire process of construction at dazzling speed, with pauses only to show the agonized trip of a truck carrying one of the huge trusses through Cambridge in the dead of night, or an equally laborious event --a conference to resolve a difficult detail between the Architect, the Contractor. the Sub, and the Engineer.

Lucia Bogatay, sponsor of the film and is also an alumna of the Graduate School of Design, she feels that the OWA will enjoy this "curious film about a curious building".

Vote on Articles of Incorporation. The proposed articles are included in this newsletter, along with an article explaining their evolution and importance.

Miscellaneous announcements.
Cathy Simon will preside over the meeting.

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