Newsletter | Nov/Dec 1973


by Lucia Bogatay
As regards employment, I am happy to report that things are not as bad as I thought. I had already prepared a discouraged but guardedly optimistic and constructive message to comfort the weary jobseekers, when I received reports that there really are lots of openings. This sometimes is a bad time of year to look for a job because of impending holidays and the end of the fiscal year, but at least to date this has not been the case. Isabel got work at Goetz Hollenbeck and Goetz, and actually turned down two offers in the meantime. I will not list the jobs that are available through the AIA bullet-in board since-they are-likely to change at any moment. However, the following offices are rumoured to be thinking of hiring in the near future:

1. Natkin and Weber, 27 Sutter Street S.F.
2. Sandy & Babcock, 1827 Union St. S.F.
3. Escherick Homsey Dodge & Davis, 120 Green Street S.F. (actually they a re considerinq and
pondering their choices at the moment)
4. Backen Arrigoni & Ross, 300 Broadway S.F.

Finally, there is one actual opening:
5. Rai Okamoto, Pier 1 S.F.
I am not sure the exact nature of this position, due to
pressure of deadline...

So I will wish you luck and head for Mexico with a clear conscience!

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