Newsletter | Nov/Dec 1973

Summary of November 19th Meeting

One of our most successful meetings was held at Janet Crane's house on Telegraph Hill. An excellent dinner was prepared by Janet Craneand Dolores Malloy, and due to effective graphics and a large attendance the caters broke even. During dinner Janet put on a carousel of of Mayan ruins and modern British Architecture, both well photographed and absorbing.

Lucia Bogatay sponsored an interesting construction to documentary on Gund Hall. new headquarters for the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The film was of great educational value, and especially enjoyable because of the filmmaker Gittleman's flair for humour.

Yung-Ling Chen, our new Librarian, made an appeal for contributions of Licensing materials. She did not mention that she was moving to a more central location in Berkeley, but we understand that this is so. By next meeting, we hope to know her new address.

Judith Edelman member of the Subcommittee on Women and other Minorities of the AIA asked us to appoint a member of our group to be an area representative and to help gather data for a national survey. Janet Crane volunteered and was confirmed.

The OWA voted to buy an AIA salary guide.
Mary Laleyan suggested we also buy a NCCAIA Bulletin of Salaries.
A copy of the Architectural Registration Handbook was passed around, and we voted to acquire one for the OWA library.

Jane Duncombe has had a church published in a recent Architectural Record.
Anyone wishing to suggest a person for the new chairman of the School of Environmental Design at U.C. Berkeley is invited to contact Sarah Jaffe. She is a member of the selection committee.

Members were interested to hear about a precident set by law students challenging the low percentage of passing the bar exam. However, further research reveals that their success was, the result of pressure applied to a legislative committee and not a precident that OWA can easily follow. Perhaps we should consult our laywer.

The last, but momentous act of the OWA was to approve the articles of incorporation. Rosie Muller presented them in final form, and her labor and patience were rewarded by unanimous confirmation. Now, on to the By-Laws!

Many thanks to Sally Nettleton who faithfully recorded the events of this meeting. typed them and left for Minneapolis. We are sorry to see her go, but she wants to keep receiving this newspaper, and promises to keep in touch.

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