Newsletter | Jan/Feb 1974


by Illana Rosenfeld/Bobbie Sue Hood
Two new job openings per Christie Coffin
1. Oakland model Cities 839-2000
1531 Jeffers6n Street
Oakland, Calkfornia

Paul Wang is looking for a designer or planner with 2 years or more experience for a 6 month job, good salary of $1,200 per month.

2. Stone Marraccini & Patterson 455 Beach Street San,Francisco, California

Maybe looking for someone for their Research and Programing department. They have been hiring? but their employment person is away until the fifteenth.

Meanwhile, Illana Rosenfeld is swinging into action. She and Bobbie Sue Hood are composing a letter to be sent to all sizable Bay Area architects announcing our job service and emphasizing its usefulness especially for their affirmative action needs. As she is also looking for work, she has some time and the motivation to undertake this splendid project. Now, perhaps, we will get some mail for our new Post Office Box.

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