Newsletter | Jan/Feb 1974

January minutes

by Marian Haviland
Our January meeting was quite a success lots of new faces and ideas and interests!

We began with fabulous sandwiches provided by our hostess, Ruth Kleinman, made even tastier by several gallons of wine. We were then entertained (and even educated) by an exciting slide show on Soleri's ARCOSANTI, presented by Lucy Lichtblau. Generally speaking, this prelude to the business part of the meeting served to be quite educational and gave us a chance to got acquainted.

Following this, we got into the business of the meeting. Rosie Muller gave us a breakdown of the budget for the past 8 months and a proposed budget for the next year [see report in this newsletter]. Total income for 1973 was 01,058.00.
We discussed due& and voted that regular dues would be $30 per year and student memberships would be $5.00.. A sponsored membership was proposed, at no cost to the selected member, although what determined the selection was rather vague.

Next came the subject of the Steering Committee and the election of new members to offices. The Steering Committee, composed of 5 regular members and 5 assistants, required the selection of 8 new members. (Two assistant members from the previous Steering Committee, Ilana Rosenfeld and Wendy Bertrand, will serve as regular steering committee members until the next election to give some overlap and continuity.) Categories were Publicity, Education, Employment, Money, and Information. Taking the new faces into consideration, rather than excluding us from possible nominations, we all introduced ourselves and made comments about what we were doing, to g1ve an idea of who could be doing what for OWA. And the nominations were made; ballot counting to-be done at the next meeting. See you there!

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