Newsletter | Mar/Apr 1974

Spring Lectures 1974

by Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley
Wednesday, April 3 --- 12 noon - 172 Wurster
PATRICK PURCELL, Senior Research Fellow, Royal College of Art- Views of Design Research at the Royal College of Art, London

Wednesday, April 3 --- 8 p.m. - 10 Evans
BUNJI KOBAYASHI, Professor of Architecture, Nihon University, Tokyo -Meiji Architecture

Thursday, April 4 --- 160 Kroeber
ROBERT IRWIN Sculptor, Los Angeles
A Definition of Abstraction (co-sponsors: Depts. of Art & Design)

Tuesday, April 9 --- 12 noon - 108 Wurster
HERBERT JACOBS, Biographer, Retired Lecturer in Journalism
The Frank Lloyd Wright We Knew

Tuesday, April 9 8 p.m. - 145 DwInelle
WILLIAM MACDONALD, Archaeologist, Prof. of Art History, Smith College, What Made a City Roman?

Thursday, April 11 --- 8-10p.m. -10 Evans
DAVID T. HICKS. Chairman, Moberly Tower, The University, Manchester, Citadels of the High Atlas Mountains and Moroccan Bones

Monday, April 15 --- I p.m- 145 Dewinelle
DAVID GEBHARD, Director of the Art Galleries, UC-Santa Barbara, Federal Imagery During the Depression

Tuesday April 17 --- 8pm - 10 Evans
LABELLE PAUSSIM, Assoc. Prof. of Architecture, UnIversity. of Michigan, Pillars and Paradigms of African Architecture: A Lesson for the Western World

Monday, April 22--- 8 p.m. - 160 Kroeber
JOAN FORRESTER SPRAGUE, Open Design Office, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Institutional Settings and Life Styles

Wednesday, April 24--- 8 p.m. - 10 Evans
THE ARCHITECTS OF WURSTER HALL & STUDENT CHAPTER AIA The Good, the Bad, the Wurster: The Story of a Campus Rebel

Wendesiday, May 1--- 8pm. - 10 Evans
STANLEY I. HALLET, Assoc. Prof. of Architecture, Univ. of.Utah
Traditional Housing of Afghanistan: From Mud Fortresses to Kite Flying

Monday, May 6--- 8 p.m. - 160 Kroeber
PETER 0. EISENMAN, Director, Inst. for Architecture & Urban Studies, MY Post-Functionatism

Wednesday. May 8--- 6 p.m. - Wheeler Aud.
CHARLES EAMES. Designer and Filmmaker Recent Work in Film

Wednesday, May 15--- 8 p.m. - 10 Evans
NORMA EVENSON, Prof. of Architecture I History, UC,Berkeley,
Making a Place in the Paris Suburbs

Wednesday, May 22--- 8P.M. - 10 Evans
WILLIAM L. C. WHEATON, Dean, College of Environmental Design, Indigenous Architecture: handmade Houses on Wheels

Wednesday, May 20--- 8 p.m. - 160 Kroeber
MARVIN S. GERST, M.D., Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry, UC-San Diego, The Social Ecology of College Dormirtories

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