Newsletter | May/Jun 2002

The New OWA Web Site!

Spurred by the occasion of its 30th anniversary, OWA will publicly launch its Web site by 2003. The goal of the Web Site Committee is to usher OWA into it's fourth decade by creating a dynamic, interactive forum for members, friends of OWA and sister organizations. The site will serve as an up-to-the-minute guide to special anniversary programs and functions. will include the following sections:

1. OWA philosophy/history
2. Newsletter: Current issue and 2002 archives
3. Yearly activities updates and retreat information
4. Publications and links to related Web sites
5. OWA Bylaws and articles of incorporation
6. Table of contents for OWA newsletters (1973-present)
7. Membership
8. *Moderated open dialogue on bi-monthly themes
9. *30th Anniversary calendar
10. *Photo album

To encourage broader participation from members:

1) Invite members of one decade to enter into dialogue with members of another decade and highlight their conversations on the Web site.

2) Post book reviews to launch discussions online. A review of Kathryn Anthony's Designing for Diversity for example, could stimulate a debate on gender and architecture.

If you would like to share your thoughts and reflections about OWA, send photos, comments, and ideas to the Web site committee:

Lauri Puchall at,
Mui Ho at
Wendy Bertrand at
The Web Site committee thanks Bill Hocker for designing and setting up the OWA web site and his continued care of maintaining it.