Newsletter | May/Jun 2002

Member Interview - Rosemary Muller
by Tricia Felber

Rosemary Muller, an OWA member since 1972, was the first treasurer of the organization. She now is an Architect and President of her 16-person firm, Muller & Caulfield Architects that she started in 1977. She is also a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Among her list of accomplishments is being the architect for Thousand Oaks School, a new elementary school on Colusa Street in Berkeley. Rosemary is proud of her recent historic preservation award for the Plaza Building in Oakland. This project involved a seismic upgrade and restoration. Her clients are mostly public agencies and non-profit organizations whose decision making process are complex and slow. Her master planning, in addition to the design, helps clients gain a better scope of their project. To learn more about Rosemary's projects: her website is Rosemary has focused on offering growth and learning to her talented designers. She plans to attend the retreat in September and looks forward to seeing the Mentorship Program develop.