Newsletter | May/Jun 2002

Member Interview - Patricia McGowan

by Tricia Felber
Patricia McGowan is a licensed landscape architect and urban planner who have interwoven these two disciplines throughout her 20-year career. She is currently working for the City of Oakland where she undertakes the environmental processing, planning and urban design review of major development projects. As a Planner VI, Pat's goal is to facilitate new development, to ensure the highest quality urban design and build on the momentum that Jerry Brown has brought to Oakland. While she was the Design Review Planner for the City of Berkeley, she was influential in expediting the design approval of new commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, she helped renovate storefronts and improve signage. Patricia worked to improve the design of poorly conceived projects and ensure creativity. Pat has been an OWA member since 1990 and was a Steering Committee member in 1996 and 97. She is interested in seeing the Mentoring Program develop and in acting as a mentor.

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