Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2002

Member Interview: Margaret Chu
by Tricia Felber

Finally, Margaret Chu is doing what she loves &endash; sculpting. She has been taking sculpture classes at the College of Marin for a year. Her alabaster piece is on exhibit at the Annual Student Art show at the college.

Margaret first started her career in chemistry. After thirteen years as an analytical chemist she decided to return to school. She decided to pursue her Master's degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley. Since then, her career evolved by way of construction administration for projects such as a multipurpose school buildings, a library, a courthouse, a small private craft airport facility, and an assortment of industrial maintenance buildings. She comments that although there are many conflicts to resolve, schedules to juggle and budget issues to address, it is quite a satisfying sentiment once a project is finished, knowing that was crafted with quality and sound construction.

What a unique path Margaret has taken, to come from chemistry and architecture, she now hones her talents and knowledge into the arts. Sculpture offers hands on application and fulfills her creative drive. Not only does she have considerable experience in woodworking, but is also currently acquiring new skills in industrial metal welding. Occasionally, Margaret works on residential projects and pro bono work for non-profit organizations. She has been with OWA for fifteen years.