Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2002

Tricia on Plastering

by Tricia Felber
Venetian plaster is a water based synthetic that can be colored, filled with texturing materials or stained. It is applied with a surface blade, trowel or sponge. Before it is tinted the plaster is a white color that is translucent when spread thinly. The surface can be polished with a blade to achieve a marble like sheen or waxed and buffed to shine. Mica powders can be added to the wax for a metallic finish. For a matte finish earth pigments are added. The plaster used is called Kolkostica, it can be burnished or waxed. Waterproofing material is added for projects such as bathrooms. The effect is visual depth, variations in color and smoothness in texture.

Come to join us in our November meeting when Tricia Felber will be speaking about this wonderful medium. Tricia has a degree in painting and a minor in print making from the University of Colorado. She founded her firm, 'Interior Art & Design' in 1989 and has since offered her talents in mural work, wall finishes and faux bois to residences and businesses in both New York and the Bay area.

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