Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2002

Editor's Note

by Mui Ho
The OWA Steering Committee and the 30th Anniversary Celebration committee are finalizing the event dates for the coming year. To offer advance notice of these events, tentative dates and topics are listed on the right hand side of this page. In addition to the regular bi-monthly meetings, special events are listed as well that various groups of members may consider organizing around. We hope that this information will entice you to join the various activities that pique your interest.

Our newsletter is a forum for members to raise issues regarding our practice, to create dialogue or discourse between members, and to share our insights or interests. We encourage our members to give us feedback on the newsletter. Members who love to write, please consider submitting articles on architecture, women or any subject that may interest our membership. I am also interested in books on related topics that you may recommend to OWA members. Please forward articles or titles to Mui Ho

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