Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2002

Member Profiles

by Tricia Felber
Liliana Beltran

Liliana Beltran has recently finished a stint in Kuwait working as a UNESCO consultant. While in Kuwait, Liliana, Sheikha Hussah al-Sabah, and a team of UNESCO multi-disciplinary experts worked on the restoration of the Kuwait National Museum. The scope of work included security upgrades and architectural and interior design. The museum houses the largest collection of Islamic Art in the Arab world. The original museum was designed by Echochard, a French architect, in the 50's, but was not completed until the 70's. Liliana has found a new position at Texas A&M, teaching Ph.D., Masters and undergraduate students at the College of Architecture.

Hope Coffin

Hope Coffin has a cross-disciplinary practice incorporating architecture and landscape design. Her business, Delightful Gardens, was established in 1994. Prior to her landscape work, Hope worked as an architect for Bennett Christopherson for seven years. In her landscape design she focuses on the effects of the shape of space. She is interested in people's kinesthetic response to hills, valleys and ridges.

Hope came from a landscape tradition with her mother and stepfather landscape architects, and her sister a horticulturist and garden designer. While touring Europe for a year during her Masters at UC Berkeley, she worked with a firm on the design of a mosque for the King Fahd Academy for Muslim Children.

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