Newsletter | Jan/Feb 1975

December and Us

by M. Haviland

Last meeting was a lively and welcome change from our usual. First, Sigrid Rupp's house overwhelmed us; the food polished our palates, and then we got down to business. Elections were short and sweet; see cover page for who's new on the Steering Committee.

And then*.* DANCE CIRCLE AROUND MUSIC, the program presented by an improvisational dance/music group began. They call themselves RIPE FRUIT:
Dancers - Zandie Acton, Gail Thompson, Jim Fizdale
Guitarists - Joe Dolce, Willie B. Hart

Warming up, then warming out to us, and filling the room with their sensations for our sensations, it was indescribably delicious!!! Our feelings reflected their impressions and expressions, and we were
delighted. If you get a chance to see them, do; they're highly recommended by us! And please tell'em we sent you!

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