Newsletter | Jan/Feb 1975

Asian Women's Journal

by VOL 1, No 1, October 1974

The first Asian Women's Journal was published in 1971 by Asian Studies at U,C. Berkeley, It is still being sold and continues to have impact on new readers. But four years is a long time, and four years have passed without any new publication written by, and dealing with Asian Women. Putting together a second Journal has been on the minds of many women; for our awareness and perspectives have grown and changed. It is time for a new Journal.

The last Journal was one of common experiences. It was self contained with a beginning and an end. Some women have suggested a journal that leaves room for continuity - maybe a series on Asian women in professions, in the family, in American society.

There are many women in this area, in L.A., in New York, and scattered across the country who have so much talent, Perhaps the Journal could be a magnet,, a focal point for shared efforts and pooling talent. If you have experience in graphics, printing, photography, journalism, if you have articles you wish to publish, if you write poetry., prose, if you are an artist, if you wish to learn with us, let us know: 549-0635
Asian Women's Center
2502 Dwight Way #1
Berkeley, California 94704

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