Newsletter | Jan/Feb 1975

Happy 1975

by Steering Committee
Steering Committee meetings are a gas!!!! The talk is lively, jokes free flowing, and even some business gets done! This month's talk was:
- A discussion of the Steering Committee retreat.
- Programs for 2 months. Chair people are Feb, Lucy Lichtblau
.- March, Janet Crane
- Newsletter/Stationery Design Contest
- Bulk mailing
- A donation to N.O.W. from O.W.A./D.P.?
- So what's new next?

Education: Linda Matthews 324-9615 (work) 328-2200
Information: Cynthia Nichols, 467-6041,work) 781-4211
Money: Isabel King, 849-4443, (work) 981-1555
Employment: Ruth Kleinman 928-1537
Publicity: Susan Dunlop
Archived by Wendy Bertrand June 2012

And welcome to the working class ....

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