Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2003

2003 Anniversary OWA Retreat

The retreat in September 2002 was a great success with more attendees than ever and a most enjoyable program and weekend. Also we had some enthusiastic new comers. It appears that the finances worked out, with special thanks to Heather for keeping the books and Lisa Kleissner for covering of the musicians' costs. Many thanks to all of you.

Plans are underway for the Anniversary Retreat, to be held on September 19th-21st, 2003. As some members have chosen to do in the past, the option to stay an extra night (Thursday the 18th) is offered and encouraged.


The lodge at Westerbeke will accommodate 51 people on a first come first serve basis. Camping space is available, both indoors in our meeting room, in the round room, or outdoors in tents. Furthermore, rooms at three local small and fairly inexpensive hotels may be reserved if we exceed Westerbeke's capacity.

Art Project:

Each year, we have traditionally collaborated on a group art project. In discussions for next year's project, the idea of a (fairly) permanent labyrinth on the Westerbeke grounds had a lot of appeal and support. It would be a contribution to Westerbeke that could have OWA's mark on it somewhere: names, hand or foot prints or otherwise.


Yoga instruction will be available.

Other Activities:

There was a request for people to show slides of their work. One idea would be a carousel or PowerPoint show of slides running separately from the round circle introductions. Please e-mail me and the rest of the committee with any ideas you might have.


OWA will pay for one retreat for each Steering Committee member per two year term. The Retreat Committee may provide other partial or full scholarships, funded by donations collected from members.

Please feel free to bring any suggestions or requests for special activities to the attention of the Retreat Planning Committee:

GeneralAdmin & Coordination: Janet Crane

Retreat Program: Janet Crane, Lisa Kleissner

Art Project: Leslie Allen, Barbara Dittrich, Debra Amerson, Sarka Volejnikova.

Finance: Heather Sprague

Food & Drink for Friday afternoon: Caroline Soohoo

Carpooling/ Transportation: Spring Friedlander

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