Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2003

Recap of February Meeting

by Wendy Bertrand

On February 11, 2003, OWA members and guests enjoyed the program: Interior Wall Art and Design with Studio Artist Tricia Felber. Her home in Point Richmond has become a showroom, as she has plastered wall after wall with intense pigments. Within her home she maintains a small studio where she stores equipment and materials, and experiments with new colors and techniques. Some of the walls she has re-finished are coated with wax for easy cleaning. The upstairs bathroom was a deep gray with an elegant wispy texture, while downstairs she has achieved a rich red.

She spoke briefly on the potential of plaster finishes in interior design. She presented photographs of some larger projects, many the result of architects' referrals.

While demonstrating the Venetian plastering process, Tricia answered trade questions and explained her particular method. Venetian plaster utilizes many layers of thin coats of paint to achieve unique characteristics of depth and texture. She noted that while paint gets darker as it dries, plaster gets lighter. She spoke at length about materials and pigments, with some emphasis on her preference for Benjamin Moore colors. The preparation of the wall surface for plaster is a significant factor in the cost of this finish system..

An enjoyable, informational event. Thanks Tricia.

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