Newsletter | May/Jun 2003

OWA Gala Dinner Recap
by Mui Ho

The Gala Party came off with flying colors--the setting was beautidul; the food was great; the dance was wonderful; and we got to talk with new and old friends. The 140 attendees filled the 14 tables as planned. Members that we have not seen for over 20 years came and expressed interest in becoming involved with the organization again. They were most pleased to find the organization is still alive and well, and doing a good job for our growing membership and women in the design professions.

The value of small organization is the opportunity to get to know one's collegues and work closely with them. Our 30th Anniversary Gala planning started as far back as August 2000. Many members played a role in realizing the event, but we worked most closely with a six-person planning committee, which included Gilda Puente Peters (chair), Marda Stothers, Mignon O'Young, Danica Truchlikoca, Betty Woo, and myself. Together, we have been meeting contiuously for two and half years, and I think our work paid off.

I think it's important to point out that, very early on, our committee decided to extend the celebration throughout the whole year with an array of activities. At the same time, our committee also made a crucial decision to carry out the tasks ourselves, instead of hiring other professionals. This decision obviously limited the types of events we could manage with our limited time--after work. We did, however, have to forgo a few great ideas, such as producing a 30th Anniversary memorabilia, because of the design and production time was more than we could have taken on.

Each celebration event throughout this year has been headed by a member of the 30th Anniversary Committee. This person has been responsible for conceiving of and coordinating their respective events, with the help of other members. We found this to be a very fluid and sustainable model, and we also had the pleasure of working closely with each other in many different capacities. Most importantly, since the chairperson was only in charge of one event, we reduced the chance of people getting burnt out.

The good news is, our year is only half over, and there's many more exciting events ahead.