Newsletter | May/Jun 2003

Visit ArchVoices
by John Cary

OWA members are encouraged to visit to learn more about a unique grassroots organization, based here in the Bay Area. Emphasizing the many 'voices'’ of our profession, the organization goes by the name of ArchVoices -- an independent, nonprofit (501c3) think tank on architectural education and internship. It was started in May 1999 as a single email to a handful of friends and acquaintances in an effort to start a dialogue about issues affecting young architecture professionals.

Growing by little more than word of mouth, ArchVoices’ now-weekly email newsletter has attracted over 13,500 readers from around the world. In September, ArchVoices has offered to publish a special issue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of OWA. All 150 issues of ArchVoices’ newsletter are available online at the website listed above, and are supplemented by extensive editorials, resources, statistics, and more. The site also includes two pages dedicated to issues affecting and resources for women and traditionally underrepresented groups within the architecture profession. Other ArchVoices initiatives include annual conferences, surveys, and even an essay writing competition, all of which focus on issues affecting young professionals.

For more information on ArchVoices, visit the website listed above, email, or call John Cary at 510-757-6213.