Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2004

Film Recommendation: "MY ARCHITECT"

Inge Horton highly recommends this film on Louis Kahn showing at Castro Theatre, 429 Castro, San Francisco

Daily: 1:30, 4:15, 7:00, 9:30

"Beautiful! Tinged with sorrow, compassion, forgiveness and, ultimately, love." -Joe Mader, The Hollywood Reporter

A tale of love and art, betrayal and forgiveness, in which the illegitimate son of a legendary artist undertakes a five-year worldwide exploration to understand his long-dead father. Considered by many to be the most important architect of the second half of the twentieth century, Louis Kahn leads a life of contradictions. While Kahnís artistic legacy was an uncompromising search for truth and clarity, his personal life was filled with secrets and chaos. Kahn died in 1974 bankrupt and with three familiesóone with his wife of many years and two with women with whom he had long-term affairs. Nathaniel, the child of one of these extramarital relationships, attempts to reconcile the life and work of the mysterious man who was his father. Testimonies from cabbies, clients, lovers, family members, and celebrated architects inspired by Kahn, including Frank Gehry, I.M. Pei and Philip Johnson, reveal a rapturous and rigorous portrait of the artist and the man. Carrie Rickey says of My Architect in the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Not only is it the best documentary in a vintage season for nonfiction films, itís also one of the best films of the year." Directed by Nathaniel Kahn. (2003) 116m.

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