Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2004

New Steering Committee Members

Sarka Volejnikova joined the OWA in 2002, and at once started to participate in the organization's projects and activities. Last year she helped in planning and coordination of the construction of the labyrinth at Westerbeke Ranch.

She was born and raised in Czechoslovakia. In 1998, just three months before the "Velvet Revolution", she decided to defect from the communist regime with her sister. After a short stay in France she came to the United States with a clear vision of advancing her education. She attended community colleges in Philadelphia and Oakland, and eventually she transferred to UC Berkeley College of Environmental design to study Landscape Architecture. She received her BLA in 1997, and since then has been working as a landscape designer in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Her interest in environmental and social issues brought her to Cliff Lowe Associates, where she currently works on urban infill and community revitalization projects in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Mimi Malayan has returned to OWA's steering committee after serving for 2 years in the early '90s. She is a landscape architect, with 15 years of experience, working as an associate at MA Design in San Francisco.

Mimi attended the 3 year graduate program at Cal, after working in various other fields for 10 years after college, and finally finding her passion. She looks forward to more involvement with OWA, working with the steering committee members, and contributing to the newsletter.

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