Newsletter | May/Jun 2004

Strong Women Summit June 4-6

Claremont Resort & Spa in Berkeley, CA

The Stonyfield Farm Strong Women Summit with Dr. Miriam Nelson, is a pivotal weekend in the Strong Women campaign. Set at Claremont Resort & Spa, a pristine, beautifully landscaped oasis nestled in Berkeley. Summit participants will discover new ways to succeed in the face of everyday stress. Seminars will explore new ways to create balance and reduce stress, while juggling all aspects of a modern woman's life. Women will learn how to better find moments of reflective time, new solutions for nutrition and how to balance time for themselves, their families and their careers. Attendees will experience powerful, uplifting speakers, including:

Erin Brockovich - An internationally renowned activist, and California native, who is best known for her contributions towards the largest direct action lawsuit of its kind, aimed at Pacific Gas & Electric which were dramatized in the hit movie "Erin Brockovich."

Zainab Salbi - An Iraq native, and founder and president of Women for Women International, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty into self-sufficiency.

Loretta LaRoche - A comedienne who has helped people deal with everyday stress for over thirty years. Loretta's wit, wisdom and humor are a common-sense view of life that leaves Strong Women Summit audiences inspired, motivated and roaring with laughter.

Dr. Miriam Nelson - An international best-selling author of the Strong Women book series, and founder of Her Strong Women books have collectively sold more than a million copies worldwide. Dr. Nelson recently released her second volume of tips to help women stay strong.

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