Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2004

Profile: Jill Pilaroscia
by Phoebe Bressack

IACC Principal, Colour Studio, Inc.

Jill Pilaroscia is known internationally as a leader in the use of color. She has developed a unique, cross-disciplinary approach, blending art and science. Incorporating the practices of scientific studies, traditional and experimental color theory, medical research, western psychology and eastern philosophy, each project is tuned to its specific environmental and functional needs. Her portfolio includes award-winning corporate projects in cities throughout the world. Currently, Jill is the worldwide color consultant for the Hewlett-Packard Company.

Jill brings to her work a lifelong affinity for color and extensive training in the science of its application in design. In 1975 she graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and before long found herself using a painter's eye to create palettes for San Francisco Victorian houses. She soon won the first of several awards for her work, and her career as a color consultant was underway. Assignments for corporate offices, health care and manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, schools, product coloration and historic restoration followed.

With a thorough grounding in the aesthetic principles of color use, Jill has continued her formal study of the psychological, physiological and visual ergonomic factors that inform her use of color as a functional tool. Addressing the complex issues of color perception and human response in environments has added greater depth and value to her product. Jill has completed her thesis on Color and Productivity in the Manufacturing Environment, Bentley Carpet Mills for the International Association of Color Consultants, North America IACC NA.

Throughout her career, Jill has published articles and books on color, been the subject of television and print interviews, lectured extensively at universities and conferences and received awards and honors for her work. She created a palette of 50 colors exclusively for Sunset Magazine and did color development for a new product line from Deepa Textiles. She is also a devoted mentor to others within her discipline.

Jill Pilaroscia's color palettes are characterized by beauty, functionality and an abiding regard for the well-being of those who work and interact within an environment she has created.