Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2004

OWA Health Insurance

by Janet Crane
The good news is that we have extended the coverage another month through the end of October The bad news is that Health Net told me today that there had been a misunderstanding about the Cobra coverage and that is would only be offered to 10 year veterans who leave the small closed group. When I told John Jakiemiec that Health Net had said this, he was extremely distressed and said he would try to get them to reverse that decision. The long and the short is that without Cobra rights for the 60 people who have been with the group for less than 10 years, the concept of the injunction to maintain the existing coverage for everyone becomes a better option. We have enough votes for the expenditure on legal representation. If you did not return your ballot, please do so because the more we have the better.


1. John and I will argue with Health Net about the Cobra rights.
2. We will obtain Health Net's proposed contract and rates for the 10 year vets group.
3. We will circulate that offer to whomever is eligible.
4. We will reassess the situation in about 2 weeks.

I am much more inclined to recommend the injunction route without the Cobra rights. We would give the attorney more time to file the injunction and get a court date before the end of October if we start that process in about 2 weeks.

Therefore we will try to get through the next steps with Health Net within two weeks. ALTERNATIVE COVERAGE. Please continue to have alternative coverage in mind in case the Cobra or the injunction efforts are not successful.

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