Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2005

Earth Plaster Wall Finishes: Demonstration

by Orit Yanai

DATE: Tuesday, 15 February 2005
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE: At the studio of Orit Yanai
Hunter's Point Artists' Shipyard, Bldg 117
San Francisco, CA 94118

Our February meeting will be at Orit's studio, which she uses as a show room for her different Interior Wall Finishes.

The presentation will include a display of different wall finishes with a strong emphasize on a new non-toxic product from New Mexico: Earth Plaster. Orit will demonstrate the application of this lovely clay and talk about its wonderful advantages.

In the past year, Orit has been studying color in order to become a professional Color Consultant and she will talk about the importance of understanding the 'power of color' and how she helps her clients choose color for their homes, inside and outside.

Orit first started to work as a 'regular' house painter when she first arrived in San Francisco, 14 years ago, and over the years developed a small business, which specializes in Special Effects in Painting. While trying to find a healthier product for herself as well as for her clients, she came across Earth Plaster and went to New Mexico to study its application. All of her jobs in the near past and present are with this product, and she is hoping to develop in this direction with her future business.

Additionally, we may have a special demonstration and presentaion on the Cobbing Technique: building with mud and rocks.

Directions will be sent by e-mail before the event.

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