Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2005

Orit Yanai's Earth Plaster Wall Finish Demonstration

It was pouring rain and the roads were flooded, but nothing could keep two dozen people from attending Orit Yanai's illuminating, informative and fun lecture. She started with a personal introduction, talked about the history of modern plaster wall finishing techniques, and continued into a discussion of how she recently started using a non-toxic earth plaster from New Mexico. Even considering the benefit of how much healthier the non-toxic plaster is to her clients as well as herself, she said "I wouldn't be using it if it weren't an absolutely beautiful material."

She proceeded to take out some fresh clay and demonstrate the technique on a prepared wall section. Around the room were many examples of finished walls, in many different beautiful colors and finishing/sealing techniques.

Orit ended by answering many questions from the designers, contractors and curious audience, on topics ranging from short-term economics to long-term stability and maintenance.

Here are some images from that night. Thank you to Sean Morrison for these photos!

Orit addresses the audience

Orit prepares a batch of plaster.

Some more attendees, with sample walls behind them.

Orit prepares a batch of plaster.