Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2005

sc meeting


10 February 2014        DRAFT

Steering Committee Meeting Notes
Location:    Au Cocliquot, Berkeley
Present:        Patty Haight, Allison Kinst, presiding, Lucia Bogatay, Esiin Karliova, Charlayne Sakamoto
Absent:        Jean Nilsson, Carolyne Orazi

No.     Action     Topic/Discussion
(Note: Action items are in bold face, and summarized at end of notes)


1.1            Discussion of procedures, format for miniutes, agenda organization and content. Review of Minutes from January transition meeting: Approved as corrected (spelling, research on board insurance).

1.2    Lucia        Information Coordinator Update. Lucia has reviewed Bill Hockers work (very impressive) and is getting flooded with emails, and will probably have to set up new account for OWA communications. It is OK for her to delete emails relating to dues payment. Policy of “reply-to-all” on messages will ensure that both Charlayne and Lucia know who has responded to which. Lucia is to call Bill Hocker to discuss back-up plan in case he is out of town or indisposed, and to find out if OWA owes him money for solving the bulk-mail problem.

1.3            Newsletter Update: We note that it went out, but would have preferred that it contain some information about this meeting.

1.4            Membership Update. Charlayne reports status of dues payment as follows:
                Unpaid new members for 2014:        6
                Paid current members for 2014        46
                Paid current members for 2013        159
                Paid current members for 2012        48
            No information (more than 300) who have not renewed since 2011 or before. We keep lapsed members informed because sometimes that inspires them to rejoin.
    Charlayne    There was discussion of whether or not to prorate dues for new members paying late in 2013. Consensus was to credit those who pay after annual business meeting (usually about November 1) to get credit for following year. Charlayne to discuss with Judy Rowe to be sure this is reasonable/feasible.

1.5    Lucia        Healthcare Update:    Members signing up before May will be enrolled in time to coordinate with the Affordable Heathcare Act. Anyone with questions should contact our broker, rather than Janet. (name of broker?). April meeting should probably have an announcement about this. Lucia to put policy information on website (she may need to clarify this with broker).

1.6            Mentoring Event was a big success. Charlane has lots of pictures see item on Pods below.

1.7    Lucia        Online Calendar: Esin asked for clarification of how calendar gets updated and by whom. This has been somewhat unclear in past. Charlayne put a March event on the calendar without consulting the Program Coordinators. In future all programs need to be cleared with Program Coordinators. Her event can be a special program, date to be determined. Pod events are seldom easy to find. Need to reach out to Pods to get information about their events on online calendar to avoid conflicts. Pods should send calendar information on their events to Patty and Carolyne who will post them on the online calendar. Pod autonomy should be preserved for event announcements which are separate from calendar, and could include reminders. Responsibility for these Pod event announcements and RSVP’s should remain with Pods. Responsibility for annual events and Steering Committee meetings remains with Program Coordinators Lucia needs to contact Pods and confirm this policy with them.

1.8            Program Coordinator Update:    Patty provided elegant descriptions of several programs and the group agreed on the following schedule for the three member events she and Carolyne have suggested:
            a.    March 18: Thomas Church’s house and garden in San Francisco which will be hosted by Courtney Damkroger, historic preservation architect who owns it.
            b.    May 20: Aging in Place, an event location to be somewhere where South Bay members can conveniently come by train/bus. Tentatively in San Francisco, SOMA.
            c.    July 15: Concrete Works Studio Event, Oakland

            Some additional ideas might be special events, or perhaps one of them them could be planned for January 2015, thus avoiding gaps in future event planning during transition to next years Steering Committee.

1.9    Esin        Public Relations Update: Esin will provide SC with a list of goals for PR. Need policy on who has access to social media. Need single source with unified voice. Need consultant specializing in light, short content. The 2014 budget has $3,000 for this..Esin will find candidate (s). She will also find a graphic designer for Logo and will present one design for approval at this years business meeting.

1.10    Allison        Policy & Procedures Coordinator: 1) Digital conference capability: Allison has researched Webex and Go-To-Meeting for emergency digital meeting procedure. Webex seems best suited, is cheaper ($24/monthly, or $19/month annual) and has a $14 free trial which we agreed to try the first time we need a digital conference,.2) Insurance: Allison is getting quotes on board insurance for SC members and officers. Bi-laws already indemnify us, but to protect OWA/DP’s assets, insurance would be good. She has already talked to State Farm (who holds one of our policies and could add this one). Allison will get other quotes including one from a not-for-profit insurance company for non-profits.
1.11            Pods: A list of pods and relevant contact person was created so Lucia can start contacting them (see online calendar above). They are:
•    Retreat Pod: (Janet Crane)
•    Mountain Valley Pod:    Betty Woo
•    Book Club: Wendy Bertrand
•    32% Pod: Rosa Sheng
•    Mentorship Pod: Esin and Charlayne
•    Service Pod (Exercise): Susan (Schwabacher?)
•    Public Scholarship Pod: Cammy and Rachel
•    Eco Village Pod: Spring Friedlander
•    Business Trends Pod: Janis Devine

The assembled congratulated Charlayne on her delicate condition! She is due in September.
Meeting adjourned a bit after 5:00 PM. Lucia picked up tab and will get reimbursed from Judy.