Newsletter | May/Jun 2005

Donation to the Conservatory of Flowers

by Mimi Malayan
The tour of the Conservatory of Flowers was a huge success. Scot Medbury inspired us all with his stories of the history of the original conservatory, and the process of fund raising and reconstruction, after the 1995 winter storms. We also met with the conservatory's curator, who took us to the boiler room, and Jeff Miller, who installed the plants after the building was complete. Please see some photos from this event below, at the end of the newsletter.

In appreciation of this wonderful event, the steering committee voted to donate the funds collected at the tour (plus a little more) to the conservatory. A check for $500, plus a "thank you" gift for Scot of the NY Museum of Modern Art landscape competition publication, Groundswell, will be sent soon.

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