Newsletter | May/Jun 2005

Attendees at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers tour, April 19, 2005

Website and Yahoo Groups Update

It is encouraging to see the amount of traffic on the Yahoo Group, the web hosted bulletin board for sending and receiving messages to those who have signed up. Currently, the group is open to anyone interested as an introductory offer. Eventually, only active paid members will have access. It's a great way to find carpoolers, consultant recommendations, job postings and answers to all sorts of design related questions. We hope that the usage continues to grow. Contact Hana Mori at , if you have further questions.

Regarding the status of the website upgrades that the members approved, the basic system has been built, so now all the information needs to be linked to the system and posted to the web. Once the upgrades are complete, the OWA member database will be linked to the website, making synchronizing information much simpler.

The website will still be publicly accessible, but there will also be a log-in procedure that will give paid members access to a "members only" section of the website, which will contain the full member directory (where they will be able to search for information on other members), photo journals, and other special information. Members will be sent an email, requesting that they create a user profile for themselves that will be linked to the website database, and will confirm their current information. At that time, they may select whether they want their information shared at all, shared with other members or with the general public. Each member will log into her own personal home page that she can update and customize.

Elaine Hsieh is coordinating the website updates. If you have any questions, you can contact her at

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