Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2006

OWA Mentorship Program

The Organization of Women Architects and Design Professionals is pleased to announce the OWA Mentorship Program.

This program is designed to help members take advantage of the wonderful diversity that is present within our group, from the unique perspective of being women design professionals.

Interested members will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire which establishes some key points that will be used to match mentors and "mentees". A database will be created which mentees may browse and search through in order to determine a match with the help of the Mentorship Program Coordinator. Any member may choose to be a mentor as well as a mentee at any time.

If you want to be either a mentor or a mentee, please go to the website to enroll. There you will find detailed instructions and further information. Currently the program is still being developed, but members are encouraged to sign up in order to initiate the process.

Thank you for your interest! We feel this will be a very rewarding part of the OWA membership experience.