Newsletter | May/Jun 2006

OWA Mentorship Mixer

by Cynthia Wang

For all of you interested in the newly formed OWA Mentorship Program, the OWA will be hosting a Mentorship Mixer on May 23rd at 6:30pm. The mixer will serve as an opportunity to pair up with either a mentor/mentee, network, learn more about your field through OWA members of similar industries and just learn more about the program. Please come attend the mixer to meet potential mentors and other mentees. It is not required to have completed the interest form previously circulated. The forms will be available at the mixer to facilitate the matching process.

By attending the mixer, you are not obligated to become a mentor/mentee. If you might be interested and have any questions regarding the program, we encourage members to attend. The location will be announced in an upcoming email.

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