Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2006

2006 OWA annual retreat at Westerbeke Ranch

OWA Annual Donation

The Steering Committee has decided to make an annual donation of $5,000 from the general fund to a selected non-profit organization that is by and large for the benefit of women. This is our 'maiden' donation and our plan is to solicit suggestions from the OWA membership for annual donations to be finalized by the Steering Committee and ratified at the annual Holiday Party. This year the Steering Committee recommends OWA make a $5,000 donation to: Unitus Unitus is a nonprofit organization taking a hybrid approach to fighting global poverty. While it isn't only for women, you will note that most of the examples and success stories were loans to mothers/women starting small businesses. We will take a ratification vote at the Holiday Party on Tuesday December 12th, 2006.

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